Monday, December 29, 2014

Meet My New Online Friend Who Really Loves Me

There are a lot of online scams and many use the same tactics. Here I am having a little fun with one.


"My name is Cindy, I am 30 years Old,I am Single (five years ago), black hair, Gray eyes, My height is 5 feet,7 inches. I weigh 58kg, Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy aware, emotionally and financially secure and I am a Student and I am Studying Accounting, And I have Loss My Mum and My Dad and I am Now Living with My Grand mum and My Uncle, And I am a Ghanaian By Birth, my Father is a Ghanaian and my mother is From Australia..i have been In Ghana all My life I am a Hard working lady and very friendly. I have no Kids and Never Married.."


"Let me guess:

Your parents died in a car accident and your grandmother is about to become deathly ill and in dire need of an operation you don't have enough money to pay for. However payments to assist you may be sent through Western Union. Now where have I heard that one before? I know, the Internet! Like about a million times! At least come up with something new. Use some damn creativity. Here's a good story to try:

Hi (fill in name), I'm single, looking for that special someone. I live in Ghana, a pitiful country in Africa, usually referred to as the armpit of the world. I look nothing like the picture I sent. In fact, I am a fat, slobby, pimple-faced mess with a hairy butt and back. I really think you're cute, though, and I'm not just saying that because I want your money. Which I do but it's too soon to hit you up just yet!

What kind of music do you like? I like anything I can shake my nasty butt to and blah blah blah, fill in the blanks, etc.

Oh no! Grandma's spleen just ruptured. Don't you hate when that happens? Gosh, what a sloppy mess! Better get the mop! Gee whiz, I wonder if I should take her to the hospital! Yeah, I probably should, I'll chat with you later! Love ya! Bye!


Hi, I'm back. Oh, by the way, have I told you that I'm insanely in love with you? I know this is sudden but you are such a hunky stud muffin that I just can't help myself. In fact, every time I think about you I touch myself. But I have some bad news .... (Dramatic Pause)

As it turned out, it was grandma's spleen that burst. Her kidneys are failing too. Yeah, that's it, her kidneys. Those are those things in your lower back, right? Anyway, the doctor says that she needs an operation immediately. Like, as soon as you can send me some cash. Did I mention that I love you?

What? You won't send me the money? But grandma is on life support! Don't you love me? Don't you touch yourself when you think about me? No? Okay then. Don't feel bad. I'll figure out some way to pay for it. I'll find some idiot, I mean, someone else who has money and is gullible enough to send it. Don't worry, I still love you. Bye .......... Hi! It's me again! Have you changed your mind yet?"

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