Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little Known Facts: Volume One - Charles Darwin's Inbred Family.

Many people don't know that Charles Darwin had actually married his first cousin. Well, he did. Charles married his first cousin, Emma Wedgewood.  So apparently, he was not completely opposed to the idea of wedging his wood into a cousin.  In fact, he had 10 inbred children with good old Wedgie. Funny how someone with such "evolved" thinking would have his wife in a constant state of being barefoot and pregnant.

Darwin was best known for establishing that all species of life had descended over time from common ancestors. Apparently his ancestors were a little more common than most people's ancestors. You know, since they married within the family and all. Who knows how many generations of inbred Darwins there were.

We could only hope, though, that the tradition of marrying their cousins eventually would EVOLVE into the practice of actually marrying someone outside of the family; even if only on an occasional basis. You know, just to sort of dilute the overall percentage of inbred-ification. But in spite of the inbreeding, there have been no reports of Darwin having chewed tobacky, having square danced or having played the banjo.

Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, on February 12, 1809 at his family home, The Mount. Funny name for a home but it pretty much went with the theme that they liked to mount each other, regardless as to how closely they were related. Darwin was the fifth of six children, so they obviously mounted each other quite frequently up there on that mount. And, with having 10 children of his own, it was also quite obvious that he wanted to continue on with that tradition. Oh yeah, there were a lot of crazy shenanigans going on in those days up in them thar hills.

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